Hey, I'm Jenna.

  • I've been doing this photography thing for 15 years
  • I have four kids and have been married to my super smart husband since 2005.
  • I have home-schooled all four kids now since my oldest started kindergarten in 2007.
  • I love to travel but also can be a slight homebody.
  • My side-side hobby is decorating and researching the next trip we are going to take.
  • I am a lover of all salsas. I haven't met one I didn't like.
  • I'm a Jesus-Follower and my husband and our family serves along with seven others in our local church's pulpit ministry.

Creating soulful imagery

for brands & people.

My goal is to create images that are full of love, connection, laughter, and soul. I want my work to reflect the Creator's abundant blessings in our lives. I want people to feel their best and when they see their images to feel like their best traits are captured.