To find me other places online click below, but keep in mind, I have four kids and I homeschool, updating things is like taking a shower, amazing if you get it in every once in a while.

Circa 1996: This is my first memory of a photoshoot. I had all the essentials; a disposable camera, a puppy, and my cousins. And so began my love for photography.

Now 2019: Now, I have 4 kids that fill my heart and make me crazy. I have a great husband who I've been married to for 12 years. We love to eat, and travel, and eat while traveling. We are a jean-jumperless homeschool family and love Jesus and our church family.

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.
— anonymous


wedding, family, & senior photography

If you are looking for more information, samples of my work, my wedding philosophy, or are ready to book 'em, Danno, click below...

Are you wanting to mark a milestone, get a yearly update, or just get some new wall bling...Click below to learn more about family and other portrait photography.

Senior photography is a blast! If you are a junior and ready to start dreaming, thinking, and planning about your senior pictures click below to learn more!

personal and business brand

Do you want to up your game and online presence in with your business? Are you new and hoping to establish a solid brand? Are you developing a personal online influencer brand & network? This is my new favorite. I love supporting the up-and-coming and the well established small businesses looking for a new look or a fresh page. Click below for more info!

editorial & Real estate & vacation rental photography

If you are looking to showcase your home, submit your designs to a magazine, list your vacation rental, or sell your home (or your clients home), give me a holler. I’m interested in building my portfolio and am currently doing portfolio building economy pricing.

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In 2017 I started a small etsy shop during the long cold winter. I have found that I love design and need that creative outlet to keep me from getting the winter blues. If you have ideas for the shop, I’d love to hear them! I’m creating custom logos, t-shirts, and printables for people all the time so please let me know if anything comes to mind! In the meantime, sign up for a coupon for $4 off (most of the printables are $5).

  • Custom and regular t-shirts

  • Custom and premade logos and branding

  • Printables

  • Parenting tools



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meet my people

This summer we had the opportunity to take the fam to yosemite, SF, & onto Maui for my brothers wedding. It was wonderful (except getting our 3 suitcases, two carseats, 6 carryons, and 4 kids on and off a plane, no kidding, eight times). Anyways, these are my people. When i see these pictures it makes my heart swell and reminds me of the quote "find your tribe, and love them hard."  which I designed up earlier for some missionary friends who have a literal tribe and are loving them hard.

photos cred: the amazing cadencia photography