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Well a big fat congrats on your engagement! Planning a wedding & even more importantly, a marriage is very fun, exciting, stressful, frustrating and hopefully positively memorable. I hope to

add ease to your planning. I can bring the "she's-done-this-a-zillion-times type of feeling to the table. I can schedule a wedding, recommend vendors, bustle a dress, and pin on a

boutonnière like nobody's business. So with that in mind, check out the information & collections below and please drop me a line here if you have any questions, comments, or donuts. 



information & answers about wedding photography 

• Usually wedding dates are reserved 1 year in advance
• I have a lot of vendor recommendations if you need them
• I'm laid back to let the moment happen, but I also give direction to help!
• Full payment is due 2 weeks before the wedding
• I love to travel when it works out. I haven't done a ton yet (darn babies), but was able to shoot weddings in New York, Mexico, & Maui. Dreamy!

• I recommend taking engagement pictures in a season different than your wedding season for variety. 
• I love to get people to laugh. I think I'm funny. Sometimes my jokes go over like a fart in church. 
• I shoot with THE BEST assistants. Both run their own photography business.
• I consider my photography romantic & natural. I love big sky shots, close ups, & everything in between.
• I shoot with a Canon and all prime lenses.

wedding collections & investment 

Wedding collections are quite possibly the most difficult thing to create. It's challenging to create a package that is a one-size-fits-all. So while I do have some options put together, feel free to request a custom collection that fits you completely. Maybe an album isn't important, or you are forgoing engagement pictures, or you want more wedding coverage, whatever your needs just let me know and we can create something unique to you.

*If you are part of the local Apostolic Church, please inquire for different pricing. 







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RetaineR Fee and Cancellation POLICY

Upon booking a $300 non-refundable retainer fee is required to hold your wedding date. This prevents anyone else from booking that same date. Should something change and you no longer need wedding photography, you will be refunded your full invoice amount LESS the $300 deposit. In case of an emergency or illness on my end, everything will be refunded in full. 


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Templates, Printables, Homeschool, Apparel Coming 2018

Templates, Printables, Homeschool, Apparel Coming 2018


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portrait photography information

So you want to have your family, pet, house, donuts...whatever photographed. This is the place to get more information. I know that photography can sometimes seem expensive. I mean how hard is it to push a button right? But I know you are here because you care about quality and experience. You want everyone one to not only be in focus but also without a thumb in the picture (in my family we call this the Francesi thumb, which was usually my dad's and in almost every photo). But more than that, you want the true nature of your family/pet/house/donuts captured. You want the connection, the beauty of the sunflare, or the snuggles, or the sunrise. So when you see the prices, think of it as investing in art...custom art, something you will treasure!

portrait session faq

  1. Do you take extended family photos? I sure do. Usually there is a bit more cost due to the nature of all the people. Included in the cost are any groupings you can come up with within the time frame. Now because there are so many people usually, the sessions aren't always as elaborate and lifestyle as smaller family groups.

  2. Can I print off my own photos? This depends on what collection/session you have chosen. If you choose the all inclusive, the files come with it. Also you can order files a la carte. If you own the files, you can do whatever with them.

  3. What do you recommend we wear? First of all, please wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in. No matchy-matchy. You can pick a few colors and go with it in different combinations, or you can just tell everyone to wear "bright tones, or fall tones, or neutrals". Included in your session is a wardrobe consult, where you send me photos of a few different clothing line ups, and I help with selection.

  4. Do you design cards, books, canvases etc.? Yes, Christmas cards are very popular so are coffee table books.

  5. When is the best time to book? Usually September-early November is my busiest season. Summer evenings can get busy too. Basically, the earlier the better even if it's just a tentative date.

  6. When is my session fee due? This is due before your session starts. It can be the day of, or mailed before hand.

  7. Can you give me any tips/tricks with how to make my session great? Yes! Absolutely, but this will come after your session is booked. If I can give advice to anyone though it's RELAX!!! Mom's this is for you especially. Let me worry about the kid who isn't smiling, or cooperating. Stop clenching your teeth and snapping at the kids. This is supposed to be fun, right?

all-inclusive session

Our All-Inclusive Session is rapidly becoming the client favorite and also the best value. It is a one+ hour session either on location or on our property. This session includes up to six people. Additional people can be included at $15 per person. The best part about it.... you receive all your edited digital files for your own personal printing, sharing, and storage PLUS an 8x12 Soft Cover 20 sided album (10 spreads) complete with 20 of your favorite photos from your gallery in it!


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are you ready for some unique-to-you, not-your-mamas, feeling-pretty-amazing, the-90s-are-over, look-like-a-model, knock-your-socks-off, awesome-sauce,

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my sales pitch...why you want me as your photographer...

Well hey there! So don't tell my brides, or families, but y'all are my favorite. I absolutely love doing senior photography. I love making you feel your absolute best, so when you look at your gallery you are absolutely thrilled. I like to get a feel for who YOU are. If you are a slap happy, love to laugh, outgoing type, I want to capture that in your clothes, location, and photography. If you are more of a shy, quiet strength type, I also love to capture that in your expression, location, and photography. Each session is customized to you. Here we don't worry about outfit changes, or locations. You aren't nickle and diming just to bring another outfit. Bring as much as you want...I've had girls fill the trunk with stuff and we just pick it out together. I've had at least one guy bring 3 outfits. HA! The difference in genders amazes me. I've been doing this for 10 years. I've learned how to pose so that your body looks as awesome as it is. For instance did you know that naturally when a person laughs we tend to bring our head back (hence the double chin). That is just a small example of the direction I will give so that the poses flatter you. I feel like high-school wasn't really that long ago for me and I still feel like I can relate. Which is ironic, because I'm sure y'all see me as some "old mom". You just wait, young tike. Your time is coming. So check out the collections below... Want something custom? Let me know!




Collection 1: $550 This is chock full of everything you might want & need

1-2 hour session | digital downloads of all edited images | 16x20 wall print | custom coffee table book


Collection 2: $300 The crowd favorite

1 hour session | digital downloads of all edited images for your own printing/sharing


Collection 1: $200 simple but lovely

1 hour session | online gallery of edited images | purchase a la carte

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