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my sales pitch...why you want me as your photographer...

Well hey there! So don't tell my brides, or families, but y'all are my favorite. I absolutely love doing senior photography. I love making you feel your absolute best, so when you look at your gallery you are absolutely thrilled. I like to get a feel for who YOU are. If you are a slap happy, love to laugh, outgoing type, I want to capture that in your clothes, location, and photography. If you are more of a shy, quiet strength type, I also love to capture that in your expression, location, and photography. Each session is customized to you. Here we don't worry about outfit changes, or locations. You aren't nickle and diming just to bring another outfit. Bring as much as you want...I've had girls fill the trunk with stuff and we just pick it out together. I've had at least one guy bring 3 outfits. HA! The difference in genders amazes me. I've been doing this for 10 years. I've learned how to pose so that your body looks as awesome as it is. For instance did you know that naturally when a person laughs we tend to bring our head back (hence the double chin). That is just a small example of the direction I will give so that the poses flatter you. I feel like high-school wasn't really that long ago for me and I still feel like I can relate. Which is ironic, because I'm sure y'all see me as some "old mom". You just wait, young tike. Your time is coming. So check out the collections below... Want something custom? Let me know!




Collection 1: $550 This is chock full of everything you might want & need

1-2 hour session | digital downloads of all edited images | 16x20 wall print | custom coffee table book


Collection 2: $300 The crowd favorite

1 hour session | digital downloads of all edited images for your own printing/sharing


Collection 1: $200 simple but lovely

1 hour session | online gallery of edited images | purchase a la carte

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