update on our life | personal

whew. what. a. whirlwind. so what's new over here?

For the last 4 weeks Andy has been working out of New Jersey. 2 of those weeks he commuted back and forth only on the weekends. The other two weeks we went with him. All 5 of us, in a hotel room, for 2 weeks... you do the math. While we were there, we traveled into NYC twice (we were super close) and I will share some pictures from those times later, went to a play place thing, went to walmart a few times, went to the laundromat a couple times, swam, moved hotels, went to the mall, learned how to drive in crazy traffic, and learned a BIG lesson on patience, and perspective.

Saylor girl also learned a few things...namely how to grow teeth (got two while we were there), how to crawl, and how to pull her self up. She also started "deedle-ing" which basically is everytime she is crying or happy she just says "deedle deedle deedle". Her grandpa (Allen) thinks she has a future in yodeling. Sounds promising.

Here are some hotel shots of her on the move.