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As we dawn on the new school year, I've began to think more and more about my heart and my lack of joy while we do school. Yes, we homeschool. No, we're not incredibly weird. Yes, my kids have plenty of social interaction. No, I don't have the patience of Job. Yes, "it's busy." But kudos to you school mom's who drive kids, carpool, room mom, make treats, pick-up, have to get up early... bleh. That's a full time job in and of itself. I digress. A common problem in my life is lack of Joy in parenting. I'm an on-the-go person. I'm not a natural nurturer. I'm not patient and I don't particularly enjoy teaching. :) Great choice in homeschooling right? However, it is a process of refinement. Complete and utter stripping of the dross in my heart and purifying. It can be a very ugly process as Christ scrapes the dark corners out. I find most of the times those dark corners are found right-in-the-middle  of 2nd grade English lessons, or for the love of PETE while teaching yet another child to read. Can I get an AMEN from all the moms who have ever taught a child to read?? During a Wednesday night service (you can find it here by Lynn Fiechter) he spoke about having a hole in the joy bucket. "If you have a continual leak in your bucket of Joy, you really need to figure out what causes the leak." It got me thinking. Why do I struggle with this so much? It came down to some nice ugly things lurking and masking themselves. Selfishness (I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it). Skewed Priorities (No I can't get you breakfast because I'm on the computer). So if I can work through those two things, then I'm well on my way to plugging the hole (only with the Spirit's help of course). As we all embark on school, whether that's carpool, or long division in your pajamas, I pray that we can die daily to our selves, lift up the banner of Christ, and work raising up a Godly generation of men and women.

And because a blog post is practically worthless without photos... who wouldn't want to spend all day every day with these cute faces?

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