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I haven't shared these fabulous photos yet that we got taken this summer. For those of you who don't know (most of you probably do), we got the experience of living away from home for five months out of the summer. We were in NJ, six miles outside of NYC and overlooked the skyline from our apartment (if you craned your neck a bit). During the summer we had many visitors and met a lot of new people. The overall experience was very fun and cultural. While we were out there though my side of the family came for a visit. My brother and sister-in-law flew in from San Francisco and my parents came from Indiana. While there we spent some time in the city, and drove down to Baltimore, MD to visit some family. While there, Andy & I had a quick photo session with my online, fellow clickinmom, photographer friend that I had never met in person. She was willing to make the drive from DC and we met in Annapolis to do a photosession. I was SO excited and planned it for months. I love the way they turned out and it's so fun to bring my three loves (photography, my family, & the coast) into one session. I have now have pictures hanging all over the walls of our house. She is an amazing photographer and I was THRILLED to have portraits done by her. Thanks again, Jody! To check out her work click here

These were just some of my favorites.