new york| personal

So while we were out visiting the grand city of Clifton, we were able to head on over to the Big Apple. It was only a stone's throw away and we were constantly enjoying the good views of the city. On Saturday we rode the Weehawken ferry over to the city. I really think we probably could have just rode the ferry's and the subway and the kids would have been thrilled. We did however want to do some other things. We visited the Intrepid aircraft carrier which was really interesting and neat. It made me so thankful for all those who fight daily for our freedoms. It also made me feel sick and a little ashamed to think of all the times we complain about little tiny things (e.g "I can't believe she hasn't refilled my drink yet..." while they (and their families) are sacrificing their lives/hopes/dreams. If anyone has a chance to visit, its a neat experience. The kids really enjoyed seeing all the "bomber airlplanes" and war movies.