New Jersey | Personal

I know I'm behind. I really have no excuse except for the gorgeous weather outside (hello, 80's in march, yes I won't be inside today). Here is another part to our New Jersey trip and I have a feeling there will be much more pictures of NJ as we spend some time there this summer. I especially loved the Subway ones, mostly because they just feel gritty and just remind me how tired we were and how much the boys loved the subway. At one time someone asked US for directions. That made me so proud of my husband for being an amazing navigator. I seriously am not sure I ever paid attention to what we were doing or where we were going, I just followed. He just has that way about him to figure things out. He might be the first husband that doesn't really ever have to ask for directions... just give him a few minutes to "get his bearings" as he says and wallah! we are found again.