kauai | travel

I planned and pined and dreamt and planned and planned some more for this trip. I ADORE planning trips... sometimes almost more than the trip itself. I researched so much if I could have I would have burned a hole into trip advisors virtual page. I bought guidebooks, and searched prices, and prices, and places, and experiences... Looking back to it now... IT WAS PERFECT! 

These are only half the pictures we have, I didn't take a ton, but I'm yet to edit video on it, and need to before it gets lost the unedited video abyss (like all my other videos). 

Here are some of the highlights, not LOVING these pictures of me, but it's proof I was there. 

1. Pit-stopped in Pearl Harbor. Andy is a WWII buff, so this was really amazing for him to witness (and share all his knowledge with me). My favorite part was standing where they signed the peace treaty. It felt BIG and historic and sobering. After just watching Hacksaw Ridge it means even more. 

2. We flew in then to Kauai then after the Pearl Harbor stop. Our condo was about 2 hours away from the airport. Kauai is so remote there weren't very many lights on the way, so it was excruciating for me to stay awake. By the time we pulled in, it had been exactly 24 hours since we left Chicago on the airplane... with no sleeping anywhere but naps on the planes. We pulled in and it had flaming tiki torches, you could hear the ocean but not see it. It was fantastic.

3. Day two on the North Shore was cloudy, so we drove close to a light house. It was beautiful. You can't see it in the photos, but so many birds were camped out on the hillside. 

4. We drove a little more into the sunshine to Donkey Beach... there were only two other people on it. We had lunch. It was beautiful, and so private, and really everything I dreamt Kauai would be. 

5. We HAD to get Hawaii's famous shaved ice...isn't this stand darling?

6. Another highlight was a catamaran/snorkling tour. It was SO beautiful visiting the North Shore UNTIL I got too sick to enjoy it. Andy was happily watching and taping dolphins jumping around our boat, going into caves, riding the waves, while I was sweating profusely trying desperately not to lose my condo breakfast. Eventually my dramamine kicked in that I had taken before the trip and I could enjoy lunch and snorkeling but I was so bummed! NEXT time, I'm taking it the night before and the morning of. 

7. ***My FAVORITE part... or at least in the top two, was our Jack Harter helicopter tour. Open doors, Jurassic Park Falls, a very thrilling ride (free falling!), Pirates of the Caribbean, great tour guide... AMAZING experience! 

8. Ok it's getting long winded here... so to sum the rest up, GREAT food, A basically private beach where I almost drowned (those waves...) but we watched the sunset, LONG rides in the convertible, hiking the North Shore, GREAT GREAT food (did I mention that?), coffee shops, expensive grocery store trips, sunrises (because we hardly made it to sunset), sushi, shopping for the kids, driving to the TOP of the Hawaii Grand Canyon, only to see FOG! 

9. And lastly, on the last night, even though I was exhausted, we went to this little place, ate great food (again), and right before we left the musicians (live music!) played our song. OUR SONG! The good Lord just smiled on our trip. We were HONORED to have met that place.