emily | bluffton high school senior

I had such a great time photographing Emily. She is a really cool person that marches to the beat of her own drum (which I LOVE) and is an inspiration to me. Read through her interview questions. She is an old soul and wise beyond her years. Thanks Emily!!  

1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
Hopefully living in Japan as an English teacher, after graduating from Purdue or Ball State. I also hope to be married.

2. What has been the most memorable part of high school?
When my friend and I were in the talent show doing a comedic act. We dressed as a horse and did a weird dance. The whole audience was laughing!

3. Who in your life inspires you most and why?
My mom. She's my rock and has done a wonderful job raising my brother and me, even when times are rough.

4. If you could sit down and share a meal with anyone (from the past already dead, or the present (maybe someone famous) who would you choose and why?
Probably Nellie Bly. She pretended to be dysfunctional so she could go into a mental asylum, exposing the horrible treatment and sanitation issues there in the 1880's. It put a good name out for female's in the work force (especially journalism). Really inspirational!

5. If you could give any advice to an upcoming freshman about high school what would you say?
Work hard now! It pays off later. Don't suffocate yourself in work, either. Find a balance where you can have fun while still staying ahead in school.

6. If you could choose a dream job for the future what would you choose?
I want to teach English in Japanese through the JET program. Hopefully living in Fukuoka!

7.If there has been one experience that has shaped your life so far what was it and how has it changed you?
Definitely learning how to love myself. I was at a point in my life where I was not happy at all. Luckily, I have wonderful family and friends who have helped me discover the true meaning of life; love who you are and what you do.

8.. If you could spend one month in any place in the world where would you go?
Well, I want to live in Japan one day, so I'll choose another place. Probably South Korea. The music from there is a lot of fun to listen to, and I heard the people there are super nice.