austin + danielle

One of my favorite weddings and one of the coolest couples. Austin and Danielle know how to love each other. They were sweet, fun, laid back and tender. Can't wait to see what the future holds for them. Bonus points for anyone who can "find me" in one of the pictures.Blog 0001Blog 0002Blog 0003Blog 0004Blog 0005Blog 0006Blog 0007Blog 0008Blog 0009Blog 0010Blog 0011Blog 0012Blog 0013Blog 0014Blog 0015Blog 0016Blog 0017Blog 0018Blog 0019Blog 0020Blog 0021Blog 0022Blog 0023Blog 0024Blog 0025Blog 0026Blog 0027Blog 0028Blog 0029Blog 0030Blog 0031Blog 0032Blog 0033Blog 0034Blog 0035Blog 0036Blog 0037