Down on the not-so-farm

Mitch, Dana and their super cool twin girls live in a rural area in rural Indiana. By day Mitch works outside on the farm in the hog house, in the fields, or the many other jobs that come with farming. Dana helps during the busy seasons, teaches some classes at the local Y, but also homeschools their twin daughters Emmy & Isla. It’s no secret that the heart of the home decor, design, and feel is Dana. She’s actually been a friend of mine for ages and has always had a sense of style and confidence that was desired! Now, her home is an amazing assortment of modern, sentimental, and functional.

A few words from Dana about her space…

1. How would you define your house style: Hard to pin it down...mostly a mix of Modern, Boho, Farmhouse

2. What is your favorite Piece: Drafting Table that we use as our school desk. I found it at an antique store sitting out in the rain! Wish I knew how old it was and its history!

3. Where do you like to shop for your accessories?: TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods for sure!

4. What are your most sentimental pieces: Kitchen table/chairs because the wood is from the rafters in our old Grainery. It was built in 1939, and we tore it down in 2017. Many memories in there from when I was a little girl. I came up with the design, and Mitch made it! Love my handy-man:)

Also we have a bedroom suite that was my Grandma, Gladys Gerber's. She bought it when she turned 21 (76 years ago).

5. How do you make your house stylish yet kid friendly?: I try to keep my decorating minimal and clutter-free. I love to use raw materials like wood, concrete, metal, etc. because it's natural, timeless, and stays beautiful even when scratched. Having our white couches may seem scary, but all the cushion covers can be zipped off and thrown in the laundry!