Asian fusion modern cottage

Javon is one of the coolest people I know. During her normal days she works as a school nurse. However, even though she lives land locked in rural midwest, she speaks Japanese and spends two months a summer in Japan. She has been traveling and to Japan since she was in high school and fell in love with the people. You can see the many Asian influences in her house. Every time she travels there she comes home with something sentimental or unique to add to her collection. One of my favorite parts about her house is her super awesome, unique bathroom. Javon actually did the remodel project herself (hiring people where she was outside of her expertise). The bathtub is covered with a mat used in Japan to keep the water warmer longer. I just think that’s so super smart. I also adore the cascading tile on the wall. Another unique part is her toolbox island. She actually just found this at a big box store and decided to try it out. Not only was it affordable but seriously such a fun industrial touch to go with her modern kitchen and clean palette. My favorite part though… is her pup. Isn’t this sweet mini golden doodle just adorable. I’m pretty sure she is 90% fluff.

And now a few words from Javon:

1. How would you describe your house style? 

A mash up of my memories, travels, and passions. I’d describe my style as an eclectic minimalistic style incorporating ideas from Japan and Scandinavia.

2. What is your favorite piece you have in your house? 

This was the hardest question for me to answer, because I like the efficiency of the space probably more than I like the actual pieces in the space. But my favorite piece in the house is probably my kitchen island. I chose it because it is actually a tool chest from Sam’s club. But it flourishes in a different spot than what it was made for. I love finding new and creative uses for items I like. If you can combine durability and creativity with efficiency, I probably will love it.

3. Where are you favorite places to get items for your house? 

Anthropologie for inspiration or their sale rack, IKEA for the big pieces, and family storage

4. What are your two most sentimental pieces/items you have and what is their story? 

#1 I would say is the oriental wooden room screen in the vestibule. My grandparents visited the Great Wall of China awhile back. They brought home this screen as a keepsake. It was one of their many global travels together. And even though they’ve since passed, I love thinking that their spirit still lives on in me and my love of adventure.

#2 is definitely a shelf of scrapbooks my mom has put together ever since I was little. I don’t have the same talent as she does for scrapbooking but that’s what makes them so special. She spent so much time and energy putting them together. And each page holds special memories, the most special ones including my late father. 

5. How do you make your house stylish and dog friendly? 

I’m not sure about the stylish-part. Most of my items I’ve collected from family and travels and just throw them in the same room hoping for the best. But as for dog-friendly part, one of the best decisions was choosing luxury vinyl plank flooring. Being waterproof and easy to clean, it was the perfect choice for the new puppy stage. Spray, wipe, done. Inori, my puppy, tested me quickly by having an accident on the very first board I laid. I also keep resolve handy for any stains on the rugs. And laying several doormats inside and outside the door helps with tracking puppy paw prints.

6. What area do you enjoy the most?

I think the loft/reading nook will be my favorite area once the ladder is complete and installed. Until then, I truly enjoy my master bathroom the most. I love the view of the large white pine trees, especially blowing in the wind or dropping wisps of snow. And I love my bathtub in a partial Japanese style wet room. The bathtub cover I brought back from Japan last summer keeps the water really warm and is perfect for relaxing while being easy to keep clean. And being easy to clean, it encourages even more relaxation. I also built in a laundry pass-through, which keeps dirty clothes outside of my bathroom’s clean space.