5 Reasons Why a First Look is for You

The great debate among brides and grooms is whether or not to see each other before the wedding. You might hear, that it's bad luck, or you want to see the grooms true reaction down the aisle among other reasons that have been passed on from bride to bride for generations. Honestly, I have a few reasons that I enjoy waiting for the pictures also until afterwards...BUT if you are the organized bride with a great timeline, or anxious about the aisle, or photography is a very important factor of the day from you, then keep on reading and you might find your "WHY" for a first look.

  1. The first look makes the wedding timeline better for your guests. If a top priority is serving your guests well at your wedding then a first look is a must! Most of your photography can be finished and the time window between ceremony and reception can be much shorter thus allowing everything to get a plate of food before them a lot more quickly.
  2. Spend more time with your guests. You spent so long combining names for the ultimate guest lists from school teachers, high school friends, college roomies, old bosses, great aunts etc. You invited the people MOST important to you. Doing a first allows you so much more time later to actually just BE with your guests instead of doing your pictures while your guests mingle with each other.
  3. CALM it DOWN. The first look is intimate. No one has to be there except you, your significant other, and your photographer (should you choose). Not your mama, or your BFF, needs to be a part of that. Take a minute to just imagine this. Your photographer (is she/he is prepared) has found a beautiful quiet place on the edge of the trees. It is shaded, and you can hear the wind blowing gently through the trees. It's quiet and peaceful and at the end of the lane is your groom, dressed in the suit you both picked out, back turned. You breathe in, breathe out, thinking about how much you love him, how excited you are, and the butterflies just continue to dance in your stomach. Finally, you close the distance between you and your groom-to-be. A slight tap on the shoulder and he turns around. The way his eyes light up and sparkle. The way he covers his mouth in shock, or twirls you around telling you how beautiful you are and how luck he is (he's right by the way on both accounts). You hug and kiss and hug some more. You talk for a few minutes afterwards while the photographer gives you a minute. You pray together. See how lovely and intimate that is!
  4. Is a better environment for true emotions. I've seen it so many times. The bride and groom decide to wait for the big unveiling (and if you choose that, than more power to you! It can also be fun!). The bride and bridesmaids talk about how the groom is going to react. Will he cry? Will he laugh? The word spreads among the guests (ok mostly just the women) about how the groom hasn't seen the bride yet. There is a lot of pressure on said groom to do just the right thing in the right way as everyone watches HIS face in anticipation. Of course people are also checking out the bride, but it's a LOT of pressure! I will tell you from experience, when the groom hasn't seen the bride, and she walks down the aisle, many fight the emotion and look very serious. Some smile, some cry, but most look stern trying to hold in whatever is threatening to spill over. A first look takes the pressure off and allows both parties to cry, laugh, hug, and kiss without the audience.
  5. Looking fresh and at your best. Most weddings take place during warmer months and outdoors (or at least the photos are). Makeup can run, sweat pools, curls wilt, it's just a part of it. With a first look, you are fresh faced and ready to meet each other.

If you aren't sure you want to blow the surprise, try keeping a key piece off that will make it special to reveal again to your groom. Perhaps don't put on your veil for the first look, or save some key jewelry that will mean something. Chances are he won't notice as he will be so focused on your eyes and face but it would still make it fun! Or have a reception dress to slip into for another reveal! Whatever you decide first look, or aisle unveiling, make that decision with INTENTION!