Brad and Carlee's wedding was completely unique for me. The morning of as I'm puttsin' (my dad's New York word combo of fussing and putting) around my kitchen and across my phone comes Carlee's cell number. I knew Carlee as a sweet, former neighbor, former babysitter and when I saw her number I knew something had gone awry for her wedding. Carlee has a wonderful photographer relative who happened to have a family emergency. Thankfully I was free and able to take over. It was a unique experience to be thrown into the mix like that, pick locations, meet everyone (including Brad) and get connected quickly with the day. I honestly though was thrilled! I loved watching her turn from a high-schooler to a godly woman and wife! So on a freezing day in March I got a surprise wedding shoot!

Hey! I'm Jenna...

 and I run this joint. Except the books. I'm not allowed to touch those anymore (says my husband).

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